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Tertiary or refining treatments are provided downstream of secondary treatments and aim to refine the treatment with a high degree of performance and removal of pollutant from the final effluent. In general, tertiary treatment is used in all those cases in which a buffer action is to be taken against possible malfunctions of the purification plant, which often occur when the inlet loads fluctuate.

The purification objectives of a tertiary treatment are various; among them, we underline the importance of the forced filtration for the removal of residual suspended solids.

TECNO AQUA proposes many technologies that are chosen according to the type of wastewater to be treated, among which:

  • Mechanical filter: such as the disc filter, this process has the ability to remove, through filtering nets, further particles present in the water (10 ÷ 30 microns).
  • Sand filter: removes the smallest particles present in the water through their incorporation in the sand itself while the water filters clean.
  • Ultrafiltration: this process removes, by means of special membranes, those colloidal fractions of COD that, due to their biodegradability limits, and in other particular cases, have not been removed by biological treatment.



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