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Mechanical and / or chemical-physical systems are used for water clarification.

These treatments can be used for a simple recovery of materials or upstream of biological process and vary depending on the nature of solids (suspended, dissolved or colloidal).


TECNO AQUA proposes:



Canal grid with comb: it consists of a series of fixed rack bars anchored to the bottom of the channel at an inclination of 75°. The rack consists of individual flat bars that are cleaned with a comb when necessary.

Self-cleaning belt grid: thanks to the filtering belt, created with a very thick mesh, this machine is able to block the smallest suspended solids(spacing 1 ÷ 6 mm), lift them out of the water flow and convey them to the drain, located in the upper part of the grid.

Rotating drum grid: it consists essentially of a rotating drum (spacing 1 ÷ 10 mm), a conveyor screw and a compacting zone. These grids are equipped with a self-cleaning system for the internal nozzles and a filter cleaning brush to keep the surface of the drum always clean.

Mechanical filtration - Disc filter: the filtering action is performed by pairs of rotating discs equipped with fine mesh nets capable of retaining suspended solids(50 ÷ 1000 micron panels). The liquid to be filtered is introduced between the pair of discs and the solid part is retained between the filtering panels and gradually accumulates; this accumulation tends to increase the filtering capacity. The filter can also be used for fibres thickening in the preparation of pulp.

Fine Screen Conduit with Continuous Belt self-cleaning TQ-GF: designed for removing the suspended solids of sludge, the TQ-GF is an automatic screen suitable for installing in a conduit or in a storage tank.
It is equipped with a self-cleaning continous filter belt made of a dense mesh of profiled elements able to convey the retained material up to the expulsion part located at the top part of the machine.
Because of the particular shape of the teeth at this point, self cleaning takes place during the inversion of the belt movement, which is made easier by the use of a counter roating brush, located at the outlet point.
This screen is ideal for processing various types of plastics and fibrous particles, even elongated ones. It can work in continuous or clogging motion.
The TQ-GF is an easy-to-install machine with inclinations ranging from 70° to 75° and 80° degrees.
Available tooth pitches: 100-150-200.




Flotator: it allows the separation of materials in suspension thanks to the presence of microbubbles that incorporate the particles and bring them to the surface. The process involves partial or full saturation with air, then mixed with the wastewater to be treated at a lower pressure, resulting in the release of the bubbles by the saturated fraction. In general, chemical additives are used in sequence to give rise to the phenomenon of coagulation and, subsequently, to that of flocculation.

Sedimentator: in this system, the separation of suspended materials takes place by precipitation at the bottom of the tank; the precipitate is removed through of scraper blades while the clarified water is collected by weirs. The useful surface area for separation can be greatly increased thanks to the use of lamella packs.



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