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Primary or biological sludge contains a high water content (3% TS) which needs to be reduced before disposal.

Sludge mechanical treatments are aimed at reducing the volume and weight of sludge by partial separation of the liquid component, in order to make it compatible with final disposal. The achievable dry matter content is such as to give the sludge the appearance of topsoil (the sludge is therefore defined as “wet powder”, i.e. capable of being moved by mechanical means) and the characteristics that enable it to be disposed of in landfills by heat treatment and, where the conditions are met, by agronomic use.

TECNO AQUA offers different solutions for the thickening and mechanical dewatering of sludge; these solutions are well suited to a variety of applications, from paper mills (sludge and pulp) to food, extractive or inert industries.

The combination of thickening and dewatering treatment, obtained through high strength and durability machineries such as thickeners and belt presses, allows to achieve high degrees of dewatering (up to 45-50% TS for primary paper mill sludge) and high economic benefits. In fact, the proposed machines have peculiar design features in order to optimize the process, such as large filtration areas, increasing pressure zones and 1 or 2 pressing NIP configurations.



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