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Treatment of industrial waste with MBBR technology

Water, a precious and indispensable resource, is a subject of growing attention, especially due to the widespread pollution that involves it.

The purification of industrial waste with MBBR technology: how and why

The stringent rigidity of the regulations to protect the environment, water in particular, lead to the need to carry out continuous checks on the operation of the purification plants.

Tecno Aqua deals with the treatment of industrial water and sludge with a clear specialization in the paper sector. The experience gained allows it to be competitive on the market and to meet the most recent Italian and European regulations in the field of biological and chemical-physical treatment of process water.

The better kinetics of the purification phases and the higher concentration of biomass that can be kept in the reactors, allow to obtain the same purification performances with reduced volumes up to one third compared to traditional activated sludge plants.

Below is the PDF relating to the article published on Hi-tech Ambiente n. 9 - October 2021


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