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Article in Carta e Cartiere October 2021

The purification plant with MBBR technology and Industry 4.0 Certification for the treatment of waste water in the MS Packaging paper mill in Salerno (Italy).

MBBR technology at the center of the article published in "Carta e Cartiere" in the October 2021 issue.

The plant, built by Tecno Aqua, has the requisites required by the Industry 4.0 Certification and therefore suitable for access to the facilities granted by this plan. This system has allowed the customer to obtain quality values of the waste water compatible with the limits set by the regulations in force for discharge into consortium waters.

The one published is an exhaustive article that illustrates in detail the application of MBBR technology and the flattering goals achieved.

Below is the PDF relating to the article published in Carta e Cartiere • October 2021:

icon docs  PDF with article from "Carta e Cartiere"


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